8 Live group coaching sessions to take your business and organization to the next level

Get Highly Targeted Leads and Customers Through Social Media Without Spending A Huge Amount of Money On Advertising

Unlike most traditional courses & coaching, this one is not aimed at mastering any specific tools & tactics, because they tend to get obsolete within no time. Instead, this coaching program will enable you to design and use successful and time-tested strategies being used by top-performing Herbalife coaches.

This comprehensive yet very concise coaching program will enable you to achieve top results even if you don’t have any previous online marketing experience.


By Mastering The Simple Strategies

Building a Strong Social Proof

People make buying decisions based on your social proof. In this module, you will learn how to build strong social proof and get the attention of thousands of prospects. Simple strategies we will discuss in this module will work for you even if you don’t know anything about social media or if you have less than 10 followers on social media.

Presenting Your Product Like a Pro

We have to come across with different types of customers. In this module, we will learn how we can make an irresistible offer and how to add Herbalife products to your offer for different types of customers. We will learn how to resell to existing customers and how we can increase the average lifetime value of each customer. We will also learn the whole process of an ideal customer’s journey, starting from a prospect to a customer and then ambassador or a coach.

Building Your Online Presence

In this module, we will learn the technical stuff. After this training, you will be able to design professional landing pages. You will be able to make your tribe on social media and you will learn how you can become a charismatic leader of your tribe. You will also learn the skills to monetize your audience without being pushy or salesy. You will be able to sell Herbalife products and your service as a health coach online. You don’t need to have any technical skills in order to achieve these goals. We will use simple drag and drop tools for every step.

Get Rain of Leads

Finally, you will be able to get a rain of the cheapest leads. You will be able to target and attract millions of prospects. You will learn the best practices for advertising. There is no need to hire any marketing agency. You can do all the work and if you are still hiring any agency, you can better monitor them and you will know what they are actually doing. In any case, you will be able to save thousands of dollars.


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You Don't Need A Course, You Need Results

Here is what you will get in this BootCamp Program

8 Live Group Coaching Calls with Q & A Session

You will not only get information, you will get transformation

We will have 8 live group coaching sessions via zoom. You will have to implement whatever you are learning. You will have support from the Coach and other group members. Your all queries will be answered in the session or during the entire program.  

Live Session # 1

Why Herbalife

Session one is about the benefits of this business model and you will discover why Herbalife is one of the best options. It’s more than just helping people or selling volume points. After this session, you will be proud of your position and you can inspire and motivate those who are not very much into it.

Live Session # 2

Herbalife - Evergreen Business Strategy

You will learn evergreen business strategy for Herbalife Distributors. You will be able to use these strategies no matter what the current trends are. They’re not affected by economic fluctuations, competition or outside environmental factors. So, you’ll not have to chase after customers and leads for your business growth.

Live Session # 3


You will understand why some Herbalife Distributors are really successful and others are not making any significant impact.

You will learn a simple strategy to get real success in business.

Live Session # 4

Simple Way To Become Top Performing Coach

You will be able to identify how many successful Herbalife Distributors are there, and how you can become an inspiring coach.

A simple yet very effective strategy to get exponential growth in your performance!

Live Session # 5

Sell on Social Media Like a Pro

In this live session you will learn about the mistake most of the Herbalife Coaches are making while introducing product to any prospect. You will know the exact science and psychology behind successful selling.

Live Session # 6

How To Make An Irresistible Offer

In this coaching call, you will discover how to present your product as an irresistible offer and how to design a successful journey of your prospect. 

Live Session # 7

Setting the Stage For Online Business

In this live session you will be setting up your platform to attract your target audience and convert them into your customers.

Live Session # 8

Getting Unlimited Streams of Leads & Customers

In this session you will learn and apply some strategies to get highly targeted leads and customers quickly through advertising.  

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

I thrive on my clients’ happiness, especially when they are entrepreneurs and small business owners (just like me) striving to make it work. 

Your success means the world to me and that’s why I do my best in helping you succeed, and that’s why I never shy from guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Your happiness. Guaranteed.