Get Clients Through Social Media

Even If You Have ZERO Followers & ZERO Social Media Experience

Learn the winning strategies, which top 20% Herbalife Coaches are using to grow their business & organization

Get Highly Targeted Leads and Customers Through Social Media Without Spending A Huge Amount of Money On Advertising

Top performing Herbalife Coaches are not very different. There are just a few things that make a huge difference in their performance and productivity. In this course, you will learn about those winning strategies, and how you can implement them without investing a huge amount of money on marketing agencies or on digital marketing gurus. 

This comprehensive yet very concise course will enable you to achieve top results even if you don’t have any previous online marketing experience.   

Attract the right target audience. Cater to their fitness needs. Turn them into your loyal customers, and ultimately your downlines.

"Before getting this content plan I was posting random content and was not very consistent too. Thanks to Khawar for doing all this hard work and providing a great strategy to attract and engage right audience. It's saved me hours of head-scratching in figuring out what to post and when to post. The best part of this is health oriented images, quotes, recipes and infographics which transformed my whole Social Media performance.!!"
Herbalife Distributor

What You Learn with This Course?

You will get to know the psychology behind the successful execution of Herbalife business, giving you a clear idea why some coaches are successful and others are just struggling.

Do you know that top 20% Herbalife coaches earn 16 times more than the rest of 80%? This course will share the success secrets of top performing Herbalife coaches with you, making sure you become one of them.

This course will tell you about the number one mistake holding you back from getting the attention of hundreds of thousands of potential customers, also giving you a tried and tested strategy to reach them.

You will learn how to create 5 different types of content to increase your engagement on Social Media and attract a highly targeted audience. 

You will learn about the most lucrative Social Media Platform for Herbalife Coaches. You will also get the right strategy to hack that platform. 

You will get a simple, effective and easy to execute strategy to get your first 5,000 highly targeted leads without having to pay a single penny on social media advertisement.  


You will learn the right strategies to scale up your prospecting to the next level, which will help you find the best prospects and grow your business exponentially.

You will know the right steps to build a tribe and how to lead it to a path of success as a charismatic leader. 


Not your typical "Social Media Course"

Unlike most traditional social media courses, this one is not aimed at mastering any specific tools & tactics, because they tend to get obsolete within no time. Instead, this course will enable you to design and use successful and time-tested strategies being used by top-performing Herbalife coaches

Special BONUS!
Do you want to become an expert Herbalife Coach with more fans, more customers, and ultimately sell MORE VOLUME POINTS?

Get my Social Media Course with these awesome bonus training sessions.

Stop Boosting Posts

Why boosting a post is vanity marketing and what opportunities you miss if you use only "boost post" feature in Facebook advertisement.

Winning Facebook Campaign

Step by step training on how to create a winning Facebook Campaign and target millions of prospects who are looking to avail your offer.​

Content Plan For Social Media

You will learn the importance of planning and how you can create a strategic content plan for your Social Media. It will take just less than an hour to create a content plan for the whole week.

Case Study : 50K Followers in 3 Weeks

As a special bonus, you will get a case study and step by step instructions of a Campaign that brought over 50,000 followers within 3 weeks. You can copy the process and use it to increase your following.

About Me

My name is Khawar and I’m a professional marketer and a business strategist. I worked as a corporate marketer for over 10 years and honored to have designed marketing strategies for several multimillion dollar companies.

I have spent last two years specifically with Herbalife Coaches, understanding their business and helping them devise and implement successful strategies for online growth. Since then, I stopped taking any other projects. Now all my time and skills are dedicated to Herbalife Coaches.

The feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment I get in watching Herbalife Coaches succeed is priceless. I believe that with the right strategies, they could reach out and help more and more people. So, we can contribute in making the world a healthier & better place together. That’s the only reason I am so passionate to help you guys and would love to see you succeed.  

“Get Clients Through Social Media” course has been designed specifically for Herbalife Coaches who are struggling with online marketing. My aim is to help Herbalife Coaches in getting an unlimited stream of customers and grow their business and organization. 

I hope you give it a try and absolutely love it!

To your success,

Khawar Zaman

What other Herbalife Coaches like you are saying

"My favorite part about this course is that Khawar didn't just focus on online marketing strategies but also re-emphasizes the business philosophies that made Herbalife so successful. Things we learned from Khawar applies both online as well as offline.!!"
Herbalife Distributor
"Khawar will take you through the whole journey, starting from the foundation and psychology of marketing to all the way step by step. Although these strategies are very specific for Herbalife Business but I truly believe that these strategies are applicable for all businesses, either online or offline. I feel so blessed and so honored to met with such a world class business strategist. Khawar has the ability to bring you out of confusion into instant clarity. "
Jing Fang
Herbalife Distributor
"I like Khawar bringing up how to remind ourself why herbalife is the best project. Kharwar is great, he bring me from the level of fearing digital to be creative! When I am stuck with technology, I remembering him saying be creative, 20x creative to face it! I love his coaching! Very comfortable! Added value to me!!!"
Health & Wellness Coach
"Khawar is not the typical digital marketer that you will find out in the market. He place alot of emphasis on mindset. Knowing Herbalife’s vision and marketing well, he will point out the pitfalls people face that make them achieve little to no results before entering the technical portion. This is useful not just for people that in the business for a long time (maybe feeling stuck) but, its a very important mindset foundation to new builders that are coming onboard to this program. You are not master another D.M.O, but rather you are mastering to adjust yourself to be aware of what you want to do and why do this. I feel blessed because we managed to have @Khawar Zaman here, that will impart the technical portion of digital marketing and at the same time, ground us time and again on why Herbalife."
Tan Yan
Herbalife Distributor
"Worthwhile spending the amount to learn from a professional digital marketer, not only professional but Khawar knows Herbalife marketing plan well, he knows what we need to do in order to grow our VP and RO. He provides you tool that is able to help you to produce more than 10,000vp (if you apply what you learn and work hard on it) & grow your royalties when you duplicate what you do.!!"
Stephanie ​
Herbalife Distributor​

Here are the resources you will get to tackle social media :

Total Value: $497

Get Clients Through Social Media

A revolutionary course for Herbalife Coaches to get a continuous stream of customers. Worth $297

Total Value : $97

Why Boosting a Post is a Vanity Marketing

What opportunities you miss if you use only the “Boost Post” feature. Worth $97

Total Value: $97

How To Create a winning Ad Campaign

Step by step training on how to create a winning Ad Campaign​. Worth $97

Total Value: $97

Making a Strategic Content Plan

How you can create a strategic content plan for your Social Media. Worth $97​

Total Value: $97

Case Study : 50K Followers in 3 Weeks​

A case study and step by step instructions of a Campaign that brought over 50,000 followers within 3 weeks.  Worth $97

That's $885 worth of tools and resources

Today it can be yours for JUST $97 !

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I thrive on my clients’ happiness, especially when they are entrepreneurs and small business owners (just like me) striving to make it work. 

Your success means the world to me and that’s why I do my best in helping you succeed, and that’s why I never shy from guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Your happiness. Guaranteed.