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52 Weeks Social Media Content Plan For Herbalife Coaches

"I like Khawar bringing up how to remind ourself why herbalife is the best project. Kharwar is great, he bring me from the level of fearing digital to be creative! When I am stuck with technology, I remembering him saying be creative, 20x creative to face it! I love his coaching! Very comfortable! Added a lot of value to me!!!."


Independant Distributor

"Khawar is not the typical digital marketer that you will find out in the market. He place alot of emphasis on mindset. Knowing Herbalife’s vision and marketing well, he will point out the pitfalls people face that make them achieve little to no results before entering the technical portion.
This is useful not just for people that in the business for a long time (maybe feeling stuck) but, its a very important mindset foundation to new builders that are coming onboard to this program. You are not master another D.M.O, but rather you are mastering to adjust yourself to be aware of what you want to do and why do this.

I feel blessed because we managed to have @Khawar Zaman here, that will impart the technical portion of digital marketing and at the same time, ground us time and again on why Herbalife.."

Tan Yan

Herbalife Distributor

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