Online Mini Workshop For HERBALIFE COACHES

Get HERBALIFE Clients ONLINE and Grow Your Business Without Burning Your Money on Ads

You DON'T have to be a marketing genius or a viral internet expert to be successful as a HERBALIFE Coach!

Social media has immense power to transform your business, especially in the health and wellness domain. But it is as powerful as the one who is behind the idea, i.e., you.

There are so many competent Herbalife coaches who are not growing their business online and missing huge growth opportunities.

And then there are those who are striving to grow their business online using social media but don’t have the right strategies.

These are the different types of challenges that affect most Herbalife coaches.

Finding right prospects
Recruiting coaches

Speaking with new people

Selling more volume points

Getting leads & customers

Duplicating results

Retaining customers

Moving to the next pin

The only difference between the average coaches and top-performing Herbalife coaches is that the top performers turned these challenges into opportunities successfully.

They have done this by rightly adopting the digital transformation and applying the best strategies to connect with more people.

Digital transformation has enabled the top performers to:

Get an unlimited stream of customers
Retain those customers and get better results from them
Significantly grow their volume points
Duplicate their results
Grow their team and organization
Automate business process

90 minutes mini workshop
for Herbalife Coaches

We've designed a 90 minutes mini-workshop for Herbalife Coaches. This is not a theory... this is real, raw, hands-on-knowledge which can be put into action in as little as two hours. We have worked with hundreds of successful Herbalife Coaches for the past 4 years, and this training contains all the secrets successful leaders are using to rapidly multiply their results... over and over...

This training will change everything you have heard, seen, or tried. You don't need to be technical to understand this.

Anyone can use it to grow their business, dramatically increase the level of trust they have with their customers, and Grow their team and organization rapidly.

The workshop will give you all the proven strategies and tactics... used by the very top leaders... to massively grow their Volume Points & build a successful organization.

You will learn the secrets of what makes these leaders so successful......and how you can use them to skyrocket your VP, grow your team & get better results from them.

At the workshop, you will learn:


How To Become a Top Performing Herbalife Coach

The 5 secret skills of top-performing Herbalife coaches and leaders are simple to learn and easy to master. They are ridiculously easy to apply. Herbalife leaders and influencers use these simple skills to grow their businesses. You will get a step-by-step process to help you build a business that is built to last.


Stop Selling to 3% and target 97% of your potential customers (32 Times Bigger Audience)

In this training, you will get to know that who is your dream customer and which type of audience you should target to grow your reach exponentially. You will discover a much bigger audience with very little competition.


Become and Influencer not a sales person and grow your business exponentially

People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. That is why you need to become an influencer, not a salesperson.  In this workshop, you will learn the no 1 secret social media influencers are using to grow massively. You will discover what type of content you need to create on social media that engages and influences people.

Join the training today and ....

Learn the secret to Multiply your current results by 37 in just one year!

This isn’t theory… it’s real, proven, applied knowledge that you can start using immediately to skyrocket your results & become a top-performing HERBALIFE Coach.

It is NOT a course on how to create a website.

It is a complete, step-by-step roadmap that shows you exactly what to do… and… WHY it is important to do as a HERBALIFE Coach.

This training will give you a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to growing and scaling your Herbalife business online.

Sign up today for
Mini Workshop for Herbalife Coaches & Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses!

Get Unlimited leads & Convert them like a Pro

Total Value: $27.00

If you own a "Nutrition Club" or you are prospecting online, this booklet will show you a step by step action plan to attract more leads with a proven way to convert them like a pro.

Get This booklet For FREE if You sign up today for Mini Workshop for herbalife coaches!
Bonus #2 - 150+ Editable instagram templates

150+ Editable instagram (Posts+Stories) templates

Total Value: $97.00

Attract highly targeted audience and build your trust and authority on Instagram with these professionally designed templates. You can edit and reuse 150+ templates for Instagram posts and stories. You will never run out of content.

Get These templates For FREE if You sign up today for Mini Workshop for herbalife coaches!
Bonus #3 - 120 viral & engaging social mediA questions

120 viral & engaging questions for social media

Total Value: $97.00

Social media growth is all about engagement and asking questions on social media is a proven way to boost your social media engagement. Get these viral and engaging questions to massively grow your audience and engagement.

Get These questions For FREE if You sign up today for Mini Workshop for herbalife coaches!
Bonus #4 - professionally designed healthy recipes

build your trust as an expert health coach

Total Value: $97.00

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Get These recipes For FREE if You sign up today for Mini Workshop for herbalife coaches!
Bonus #5 - Facebook Ads Mastery (video training)

stop wasting your money on "boost a post" and learn to create a winning facebook ad campaign

Total Value: $197.00

You will learn why your ads are not working and what is no.1 mistake most of Herbalife coaches are making when it comes to paid advertising. I will share a step by step case study of how we got more than 50K followers for one of our Herbalife coaches in just 3 weeks.

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Total Value: $812

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This workshop is an exclusive offer for Herbalife Coaches only, the normal price is $297. But now it's only $7! No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Question

After signing up, you can instantly access this training.

We believe, if you know how to write an email, you are good to go. 

No, its a recorded 90 minutes training, which you can instantly access after paying $27.

You just need to spare distraction free 90 minutes with a pen and paper. 

Yes, you will have the access, you can watch it anytime.